Kintsugi is the ancient art of preparing what has been broken. Fragments of a dropped ceramic object are scooped up an put back together: mended using lacquer dusted with powdered gold. The revitalized ceramic becomes a symbol of fragility, strength, and beauty. This is a wonderful metaphor to understand a new way of dealing with our broken pieces.

Ceramic and life can break us apart into a thousand pieces, but not for that reason we should stop living intensely. By adding gold in them, the object not only becomes functional again, but it is more beautiful and more valuable. Women have spent centuries showing their perfect faces and hiding what we were said were are our “imperfections”. However, the fegy woman intentionally dresses up to express herself and she uses fashion as a communication weapon that proudly shows her imperfections.

Kintsugi is a feminine and very daring collection designed for women without fear of expressing themselves. Women who show themselves proudly to the world as they are, #BeProudOfWhoYouAre