Launched in 2019, fegy is a Spanish brand with a strong identity and a personal vision. The aim is to create a real transformation on essential garments into luxurious ingenious pieces. Sophistication, disruption and timeless are the three key concepts to understand the brand.

The brand presents a cutting-edge prêt-a-porter, with high creativity and craft value. In each collection, fegy provides an ultra-feminine design with refined lines and meticulous attention to details. Getting in each garment a balance between elegance, style, and innovation.

Every garment has a story. At the same time, it tells the story of the woman who is wearing it. Fegy is created as a way of paying tribute to all strong and confident women that are proud of who they are. 

Carlota Fegy was born in Burgos but grew up in Madrid. She left her position as Communication Manager after finishing her studies at IED in Fashion Design to create her fashion brand. 

With her brand, fegy, she intends to express her ideas and continue discovering new formulas. With his garments, he seeks the perpetuity that results from a timeless fashion.

She is an enthusiast of life and she believes in fashion as if it was another language: “the garments we wear are a declaration of taste and intentions. The woman has been wearing clothes for centuries to hide imperfections, now is the time to do the opposite, to show with pride who we are and where we have been”.