In this second post, I wanted to talk about the masterpiece of the Kintsugi Collection: The Catsuit Luca.


There are different types of joinery in the art of Kintsugi: Crack, Piece Method, Joint Call…etc. In this garment we used the Total Joint Call, where a lot of ceramic pieces from differents items are joined together with a special lacquer and dusted with powdered gold, creating a patchwork effect.


The “deconstruction” in the world of fashion is understood as the dismantling of a concept or an intellectual construction that is dedicated to disarm or decompose the classic structures of a piece of clothing – both in terms of silhouette, materials or functionality, such as in terms of concept – to discover new meanings.


In the 1980s, this technique was developed by Japanese’s like Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons, Junja Watanabe and Issey Miyake. This is how they created their first garments with oversized volumes, asymmetric cuts, and neutral colors.


The deconstruction in this piece has been a giant research process, where the focus has been on understanding the meaning of clothing and questioning the functionality of it. This catsuit has lost the typical seams of the classic pattern. It consists of 12 pieces that at first glance seem to have no sense but following the steps of assembly, we obtain a perfectly recognizable piece.


Kintsugi is a feminine and daring collection designed for women that have no fear of expressing themselves. Women who show themselves proudly to the world as they are.


Catsuit Luca Spec Sheet